Marble Hill Remembers

Local English Heritage historical research volunteers support Marble Hill

English Heritage volunteer researchers worked at Marble Hill in 2020 to create the “Marble Hill Remembers” exhibition. As well as commemorating those who had fallen in the World Wars, specifically those from Richmond, the exhibition covers the role Marble Hill played and draws in other local history.

The researchers came from a range of backgrounds and with varying levels of experience, but all shared a passion for local history and quickly formed a good team, coordinated by Rachel Morrison and Harriet Parry at English Heritage.

As well as creating a strong exhibition, the team’s work resulted in some significant change of historical understanding.

The following volunteers were involved:

Alan Winter, Annabel Naylor, Bob Elson, Catherine Jeffries, Emily Newsom-Davis, Graham Williams, Jeremy Hamilton-Miller, Jonathan Crofts, Michael Gambazzi, Minna Andersen, Roger Wyer, Shelagh Laing and representing the Poppy Factory, Alice Barrett and Dan Hodges

New local histories uncovered

It is easy to assume that we know everything there is to know about Marble Hill and the history of the neighbourhoods immediately around it, particularly when thinking about the World Wars. The research done in support of the “Marble Hill Remembers” 2020 project demonstrates that is not the case. Just a small amount of research can change understanding significantly or give a new slant on a passage in time

Here is what the researchers uncovered:

  • There was a Marble Hill Public Air Raid Shelter after all
  • The need to amend the list of the fallen from Richmond
  • A new first-hand account of childhood memories of World War II.